Spoofing Cards

Compare Spoofing Cards

All caller ID spoofing cards can change the caller ID information shown when you make a phone call, but there are other features that not of the providers offer. This table will help you quickly see who offers the various features.

Feature SpoofCard Bluff My Call StealthRecorderCard Winner
Caller ID Spoofing Yes Yes Yes Tie
SMS / Text Spoofing No No No Nobody
Physical Calling Card Yes No Yes Tie
Voice Changing Yes Yes Yes Bluff My Call for best quality
Record Calls Yes Yes Yes Tie
Straight To Voicemail Yes Yes No SpoofCard / Bluff My Call
iPhone App Yes2 No No SpoofCard
Blackberry App Yes3 Yes No SpoofCard / Bluff My Call
Android App Yes No No SpoofCard
International Calls Yes Yes No SpoofCard / Bluff My Call
Call Notes No Yes No Bluff My Call
Phone Book No Yes No Bluff My Call
Cost / minute $10 / 60 minutes $10 / 60 minutes $19.99 / 60 minutes SpoofCard / Bluff My Call
2 - SpoofApp is SpoofCard's iPhone App, which has been in review since October of 2008 rejected by Apple.. Until it's approved, you can only install it on jail broken iPhones
3 - SpoofApp not available in the Blackberry store. However, you can install it by going to http://www.SpoofApp.com from your BlackBerry browser.